EXCEED enables micro-entrepreneurs to produce financial statements that are needed for accessing opportunities in the formal economy such as funding. With just a mobile phone, micro-entrepreneurs use EXCEED to keep track of their income and expenses. Reports from their data are available at the touch of a button following synchronisation between the phone and the server. One EXCEED user put EXCEED reports to the test in her recent loan application.

This is what she shared:

"Hi Exceeders, it is with great pleasure to announce that I was awarded a loan for my business at a very low repayment rate because of the Exceed reports that I submitted to the financial institution. With Exceed, not even the sky is the limit. Are you in need of a loan for your business, EXCEED is the way to go - no business proposal, no interview, only your reports. I will continue using Exceed no matter what comes my way, it's doing wonders for me. You snooze you lose, entrepreneur big time.”

Pleased with the reports EXCEED can provide, Social Investment Africa is keen to expand their offer to all EXCEED users. Having good quality financial statements meant a much shorter loan approval process and increased cost-effectiveness of micro-loans and client satisfaction.

SIA_Logo_0.png Social Investment Africa identifies, invests and grows  social enterprises and entrepreneurs in South Africa, specifically those in local communities, creating employment and high social impact.

They are a not-for-profit organisation and all funds are re-invested to fulfill their purpose.