Are you empowering incubates to control their finances?

Incubators provide a wide variety of services to entrepreneurs ranging from start-up to investment-grade businesses. As the term “incubation” suggests, it is time-limited. Incubators are particularly successful in economies that lack infrastructure conducive for small business development. Many incubators offer accounting and book-keeping services. Maintaining the balance between managing their administration and finances so that incubates can focus on building their businesses and empowering them to control their business finances is critical to prepare them for fledgling out on their own. While it helps them to develop the habit of keeping records, they also need to understand how to use the information they provide to make decisions.


Typical challenges are:

  • data accuracy and usefulness depends on the provision of receipts to the accounting service

  • receipts are not available for every expense and therefore some may not be recorded

  • private takings remain completely or partially unrecorded

  • considerable time-lags between expense and financial reports availability

  • reports need to be accessible to several parties such as the incubate, incubator management and mentors

Exceed enables organisations to monitor and support the growth of their start-up and micro-entrepreneur incubates and access ready-made reports instantaneously. Expenses can be recorded when they occur. Exceed uses the latest mobile technology to provide a complete and needs-oriented record-keeping solution for the micro-entrepreneur.