SEDA's Thumbs Up for EXCEED

Seda gives thumb up for EXCEED

We are very excited to announce SEDA's endorsement of EXCEED. Following their evaluation process, Caswell Maloka, specialist at their Research & Development department, has called EXCEED "a good initiative". At their advice, EXCEED was approved for use by any SEDA branch or incubation centre.

Tue, 04/30/2019 - 17:06

EXCEED Team in Berlin

German Government initiative to foster digital partnerships

EXCEED Team in Berlin

As a new member of the "Strategische Partnerschaft Digitales Afrika" (SPDA), we attended their 2nd annual meeting at the German Ministry for Economic Cooperatioan and Development on 9th April. In his opening address,  Norbert Barthle, Parliamentary State Secretary to the German Federal Minister for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) mentioned the aims of the Strategic Partnership: "to combine business potential and development policy objectives" by bringing together strong partners. The network has grown to a membership of about 180 private German and European companies of which more than 100 attended the full-day meeting. Within the past 2 years, more than 20 projects were started and 30 are in the pipeline, some of which aim to improve livelihoods on a big scale. The network facilitates digital focussed investments in Africa as well as in Germany for African entrepreneurs. The day's agenda was packed with reports from projects, pitches from African entrepreneurs and break-out sessions to brainstorm topics such as creating employment through digitalisation, fostering cooperation between European and African companies, and using digital technologies for accountability, de-centralisation and generation of business opportunities. Breaks were used for networking and enjoyment of excellent hospitality.

Thu, 04/11/2019 - 16:12

EXCEED Latest Upgrade

New Features - More User Friendliness

EXCEED Upgrade

We listened to our EXCEED users and delivered! An upgrade for Android* is now ready for download from the Playstore.  The main improvements are:

  • It adds flexibility to the user's choice of password protection and inserts the username automatically.
  • More transactions can now be saved offline/ on the phone (max 10 per menu item) before reaching the transaction limit.
  • Finally, we also upgraded security to ensure data transfer as well as web-interfaces are encrypted.

Please login to get the full update as a partner/ licencee

Mon, 05/28/2018 - 13:58

Privacy Policy Update :GDPR Compliance

Just to let you know that we updated our privacy policy to make it GDPR compliant. We have a short, abbreviated version and a full version.

Your Privacy Guaranteed

We are absolutely committed to protecting your privacy. We will not reveal any information about you to anyone else.

We hate spam and we guarantee that we will neither provide your email address to any other party nor send you any unwanted emails.

GDPR compliantpPrivacy policy

We only use cookies essential for a secure and smooth (to keep you logged in) operation of the website. Should you not agree with this, please do not continue using our website.

Wed, 05/23/2018 - 12:26

New Website More Resources - Better Services - Responsive

We are excited to launch our new website for all things EXCEED. It means easier access to interest-related information and resources  as well as vastly improved services for our partners from any device.

First impressions without login

Are you providing business support, micro-finance, operate an incubator, or develop a supplier pool? Click on the links to find information how EXCEED can assist your specific services to micro-entrepreneurs. We also make general brochures available. An audio-guided product tour of EXCEED gives you an overview of the web-interfaces and app.


Contact us to get login-details for access to more detailed product information and most of the tools available on our website to our licensees 

Partners and Licensees

With your partner agreement or licence purchase, you also receive organisation based login-details. They give you access to

  • Resources such as User Guides, Training Material and Webinar Recordings
  • FAQ
  • News for licencees
  • Knowledgebase/ Online User Guides
  • Support Ticket System
  • Information how you can access our support

You are also welcome to contact us to resend you those details.

We are always happy receiving your feedback, questions and demo-requests!

Fri, 01/26/2018 - 20:29

New Team Member Thuto Kulose joined us in South Africa:

Thuto Kolose

We are very happy to announce that Thuto Kolose has joined our team as a business development consultant from her base in Brits, South Africa. Thuto has a Bachelors degree in Communication Science. Her bubbly personality, passion for working with people and experience in sales and marketing will help her excel in this non-technical support role. Interested to set up a live-demo of EXCEED with her? Please contact her by email and she will get in touch with you: thuto.kolose (at)

Fri, 12/15/2017 - 20:38

Partnership with Social Investment Africa We are very excited to announce our partnership with Social Investment Africa. This is great news for our partner organisations, and means affordable finance is now in reach of EXCEED users.

EXCEED enables micro-entrepreneurs to produce financial statements that are needed for accessing opportunities in the formal economy such as funding. With just a mobile phone, micro-entrepreneurs use EXCEED to keep track of their income and expenses. Reports from their data are available at the touch of a button following synchronisation between the phone and the server. One EXCEED user put EXCEED reports to the test in her recent loan application.

This is what she shared:

"Hi Exceeders, it is with great pleasure to announce that I was awarded a loan for my business at a very low repayment rate because of the Exceed reports that I submitted to the financial institution. With Exceed, not even the sky is the limit. Are you in need of a loan for your business, EXCEED is the way to go - no business proposal, no interview, only your reports. I will continue using Exceed no matter what comes my way, it's doing wonders for me. You snooze you lose, entrepreneur big time.”

Pleased with the reports EXCEED can provide, Social Investment Africa is keen to expand their offer to all EXCEED users. Having good quality financial statements meant a much shorter loan approval process and increased cost-effectiveness of micro-loans and client satisfaction.

SIA_Logo_0.png Social Investment Africa identifies, invests and grows  social enterprises and entrepreneurs in South Africa, specifically those in local communities, creating employment and high social impact.

They are a not-for-profit organisation and all funds are re-invested to fulfill their purpose.


Thu, 06/22/2017 - 19:00

Best Record-Keeper Wins Tablet: Record-keeping isn't the most favourite job in the world and certainly not a natural habit of entrepreneurs! As an incentive, we sponsored a 10in, 3G enabled tablet, as a prize awarded to the best record-keeper. Find out who won it.

Best Record-Keeper Wins Tablet:

Nozie winning a tablet

The EXCEED team had the pleasure to award a 10in tablet to the best record-keeper ending a 6-months long competition at the Business Activator in Philippi/ Cape Town.

Noziphiwo Vapi,
deservedly won the tablet. Apart from being a mum with 3 kids and a husband, she operates a busy catering and cleaning supplies business. Her main customers are various government departments. Nozie really surprised us when she asked us what type of expense the purchase of a business is, as she acquired a take-away to give her access to premises and to diversify her customer base. She shared with us how EXCEED helps her to manage her money, save accounting fees and have access to financial records any time she needs to. Please watch this video where Nozie explains to a group of Business Activator programme participants why she uses EXCEED.

Wed, 04/12/2017 - 20:18