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Inclusion - Fabric of Society

EXCEED has been developed to support our vision of helping micro-entrepreneurs to access more opportunities in the main-stream economy. It is the world's first mobile record-keeping solution exclusively targeting micro-entrepreneurs. Being able to present financial records unlocks doors. Unlocking opportunities leads to more inclusive economies. In our opinion, empowerment requires making opportunities available. We tend to remember how it felt when the most popular class-mate did not invite us to birthday parties or we did not get the promotion later in life. While we think everybody else noticed our shame, in reality, people who are part of parties tend not to notice those who are excluded. The poor are at the receiving end of being excluded from many areas and amenities we take for granted. We can only achieve a more inclusive world, when we know the limitations. Thus, this blog aims to highlight areas where more inclusion is needed to facilitate entrepreneurship and livelihood development. So far, we prepared over 60 topics to cover inclusion – please pay us a visit or even subscribe to get the latest post once a week. We would really love to stir discussions, receive your comments and correcting where we have drawn a wrong conclusion. Most of it is meant to be informative.

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