Are you developing a supplier-pool with start-ups?

The absence of records restricts access to loans, sub-contracting opportunities, business premise-rental and public tenders. In short, it is one of the major hurdles to access opportunities in the formal economy. Most outsourcing companies and procurement departments are interested in long-term relationships with suppliers who can reliably deliver goods and services on-time and of the specified quantity and quality. In many cases, financial statements are required to prove sufficiency of resources or ability to raise funding to meet demand.

Enterprise Supplier Development

Are you an ESD practitioner growing your supplier pool by including start-ups? EXCEED addresses one of the challenges typically faced when starting at grass-roots level: irregular record-keeping.

  • Funders of supplier development programmes are interested in data-based impact studies that can measure the growth of the entrepreneurs and assist in optimising support services.
  • ESDs need a simple to implement and run record-keeping solution to monitor growth of their programme participants, provide meaningful mentoring and feedback reports to funders.

EXCEED is easy to use and gives entrepreneurs and ESD practitioners access to financial information needed.